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Did you know that most ceiling fans were designed to be used the entire year? Yes, that includes winter.

Using your home fans the right way will benefit you in many ways. The temperature of your home will be more stable and your energy bills will be lower.

In order to achieve this, you have to make sure your fans turn in the right direction depending on the season. Continue reading to find the right ceiling fan direction in winter.

Why Run Your Ceiling Fan in the Winter?

Most people only think about using their fans in the summer. However, if you use it in the winter, you can save money and have a more comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Even the best fan isn’t magical. You’ll still have to run your furnace during the cold months. Turning on your fan will help you run it less. The circulating air your fan generates distributes the heat pumped out by your furnace.

Your fan doesn’t bring in cold air in the summer or winter. It simply moves the air around the room

Energy Efficiency

In a similar way to how LED lights work efficiently to save you money, having the fan on is more energy-efficient and will bring your electric bills down.

What is the Ideal Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter?

Spin the fan clockwise during the winter. Warm air naturally rises, and turning your fan on a low speed allows that air to be redistributed around the room where you’ll feel the difference.

The fan direction matters because of the tilt of the blades. They’re angled in order to catch air and push it around the room.

Make sure that you have your fan is set on a low speed to avoid creating an unpleasant draft.

All the fan does is move the warm air from the top of the room to where you and your family are. Turn it off when there’s no one in the room to save energy.

How to Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

Usually, you pull the cord and the blades of your fan start to rotate. Most likely, you’ve never had a reason to switch the direction. Now you do, but how is it done?

On most household fans there’s a switch on the base. If you find that too inconvenient you can set up a remote system to switch the direction at the press of a button.

Learn More about Ceiling Fans & Energy Efficiency

Knowing the correct ceiling fan direction in winter saves you money. In addition, you also will have even temperatures within the house. It helps avoid situations where one area of a room is warmer or colder than the rest.

It seems counterintuitive at first to use a ceiling fan when it’s warm outside. Give this a try for a few months in the winter and compare your bills. If you turn your fan in the right direction, it can save you up to 15%.

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