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Everyone has been there. You notice out of the corner of your eye that one of the lights in your home or business is starting to flicker. It’s almost time to change the bulb.

But what kind of lightbulb should you replace the old one with? Whether you own a home or run a business like a beauty salon, LED ceiling lights may be the way to go. Keep reading to learn how they work and some of their benefits.

What Are LED Lights?

Since the invention of the electric lightbulb in the 19th century, there have only been two radical changes to the technology that brought light into our homes and businesses.

The first type of widely-used lightbulb was an incandescent bulb. This type would remain the most popular until the end of the 20th century when fluorescent bulbs would start to take their place.

It wouldn’t be until the start of the 21st century that a new type of bulb would offer significant advantages over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. This was the LED.

LED stands for light-emitting diode. In its simplest form, a diode is a device that only allows the flow of electricity in one direction. Light-emitting diodes are diodes that release light when electricity passes through them.

They are typically made of some semiconductor material like silicon. Some parts of the semiconductor have too many electrons while others have too few.

When electricity flows through the material, the electrons in the part that has too many have enough energy to get to the other part where they are needed.

When this happens, they release energy in the form of the light that we see.

Benefits of LED Ceiling Lights

If you’re looking to replace or install new LED lighting for a salon, yoga studio, or fitness center, LED lighting can offer many benefits.

The first is that they save energy. LED lighting systems are by far the most efficient type of lights when compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

If you want to make your business more eco-friendly, they may be the right choice for you.

Along with this efficiency comes the money you’ll save on your power bill. Although they have a higher initial investment, they quickly pay for themselves and will save money in the long run.

Another major benefit of LED lights is the flexibility of design. Because semiconductors can be made very small, LEDs can have many different shapes and sizes to give your business the finishing touch it needs.

Whether you have a big job that requires an electrical contractor or you can install the new lighting yourself, here are some lighting design ideas you can check out.

Your Lighting Needs

Now that you know how LED ceiling lights work and some of the ways they can benefit your home or business, it’s time to decide if they are right for you.

If you’re interested in LED lighting, please contact us to find out how we can help with all of your lighting needs.